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Operations & Maintenance

Weekly Schedule 
Edging x   
Irrigation Checks x   
Mowing x   
Native Area Services (weed control and trash policing) x   
Trash and Weed Policingx
Operations and Maintenance Plan 

The Operations and Maintenance Plan set by the Board of Directors link is below. The schedule is subject to change.

Trailside Metropolitan District 2024 Operations and Maintenance Plan .pdf


District Maps 

Landscape Plan: Click Here

Native Map: Click Here

Snow Removal 

Snow removal is a “Post Storm” service. This means that snow removal will start after the storm has passed. The district threshold for snow removal services is 2 inches of snowfall.

If there is 2+ inches of snowfall, Trailside Metro District clears common area sidewalks, and trails. Please click here to review the District snow removal map. 

Owners are responsible for clearing snow from the sidewalk in front of and adjacent to the home within 24 hours of the completion of the storm.

The Town of Timnath clears snow on the public roads. Please click here to review the town's snow removal policy. 

Please remember the inherent risks associated with winter weather in Colorado. Exercise caution when walking outside during icy or snowy conditions.

Please reach out to with any questions or concerns.